2.1 Balance top up

To top up your balance, go to the ''More'' section. Then, select the menu item ''Account balance''.

Next, press on β€˜β€™Top up’’.

Open your ''Trust Wallet'' app (or any other compatible wallet).

Press on the ''Send'' icon.

Select USDT token (Tether) in TRC20 network.

Further, follow these instructions:

  1. In the first field enter the previously copied wallet address;

  2. In the second field, specify the amount to deposit;

  3. Click 'Next' to complete the process.

Your account balance will be successfully topped up!

❗️❗️Please note that after transfering funds to your Hash7 balance, you may have to wait for about two minutes due to the need for the blockchain to process the transaction, after which the funds will be automatically displayed on your balance in the app.

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