Rules for Combating Money Laundering and Illegal Currency Exchange

HASH7LABS LIMITED is committed to creating a secure and reliable environment for the trading of digital assets and strives to provide professional and dependable services for trading and managing digital assets to users worldwide. To ensure compliance with laws and regulatory requirements and to minimize cases of money laundering and illegal currency exchange, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following guidelines:

  1. Users are obligated to adhere to the laws and regulations in effect in their country or region of residence concerning anti-money laundering, currency transaction reporting, and terrorism financing. Users are also required to comply with the provisions of their management that align with the legislation and norms of the regional jurisdiction in which they are located. In the event of stricter legislative requirements in the user's country or region, it is imperative to strictly adhere to these norms. If the activity involving digital assets is prohibited according to the laws of the user's country or region, or if the user is included on a list of sanctioned countries, then the use of services and applications provided by HASH7LABS LIMITED must be prohibited for that user.

  2. HASH7LABS LIMITED Company categorically prohibits users from engaging in any unlawful operations or actions, including money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery, and illegal foreign currency exchange within the HASH7LABS LIMITED application and website. In this regard, Hash7 takes all necessary measures to ensure security and risk minimization, as well as to maximize the protection of the legal rights and interests of our users.

    In the event of suspicions of unlawful operations or activities within the HASH7LABS application and website, various measures may be taken, including but not limited to the deletion of the User's account and notification of relevant law enforcement authorities and agencies. HASH7LABS LIMITED Company is not responsible for the possible consequences of the measures taken and reserves the right to hold the parties involved legally accountable. To prevent involvement in illegal trading operations or unlawful actions, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules: - Do not grant access to your account to other individuals; - Do not rent or lend personal documents; - Do not rent, lend, or disclose information about your account, password, and other important personal data; - Users are required to actively cooperate with HASH7LABS LIMITED for the purpose of undergoing user identification procedures.

    Please be attentive and follow the above-mentioned rules to ensure compliance with the laws and to prevent unlawful activities.

  3. When the regulatory authority submits investigative documents and requests assistance in obtaining user information or performing related operations from HASH7LABS LIMITED, in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, as well as regional and national standards, HASH7LABS LIMITED has the right to collect, use, and disclose your personal information as part of the investigation without the need for your prior consent, in the following cases: - If it is directly related to national security and defense; - If it is directly related to ensuring public safety, public health, and fundamental public interests; - If it is directly related to criminal investigations, judicial proceedings, and the enforcement of court decisions; - To protect the life, property, fundamental legal rights, and interests of both the User and other individuals; - Other circumstances as provided by law.

  4. When using the Services and Applications of HASH7LABS LIMITED, the User is obliged to familiarize themselves with the following information before commencing trading: - Digital assets are not issued or endorsed by any government or central bank; - The price of digital assets is subject to significant fluctuations, and the ownership or use of such assets carries high financial risks; - Before making decisions to engage in trading operations, it is recommended to rationally and prudently assess one's own financial position to determine if this type of activity is suitable for you.

  5. A person who has used the Services and Application of HASH7LABS LIMITED in any form is considered to have voluntarily accepted the obligations and limitations set forth in this statement.

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