❔What is the difference between Hash7 and an exchange bot?

First of all, the difference lies in the principle of operation. Exchange bots have limited functionality and operate within a stricter framework. For example:

  1. Availability of funds: The exchange bot freezes the user's funds, whereas the Hash7 trading bot works with the funds in the user's exchange balance. This allows users to withdraw funds at any time without stopping the bot.

  2. Budget allocation: The Hash7 bot uses the amount allocated to the exchange balance, but does not block it. The user can perform any actions with this amount at his discretion. The bot will make purchases when it has the necessary funds to open a position. Unlike the Hash7 bot, a regular exchange bot will block the amount that has been defined by the user for trading. In order to perform any manipulations with this amount, the user must first stop the strategy of a classic exchange bot. Besides, when using the Hash7 bot, the user is able to customize multiple strategies within one allocated amount. When using a regular exchange bot, for each strategy it is necessary to freeze on the balance the amount within the limits of which the trading will be performed.

  3. Profit accumulation: When operating the Hash7 trading bot, the user is accrued profit from the sale of each position. This profit is accrued on the exchange balance, which allows withdrawal of funds at any time without stopping the Hash7 bot strategy. While in the exchange bot, the profit is accrued on the frozen amount, for access to which it is necessary to stop the work of the bot.

  4. Order execution: The Hash7 trading bot executes opening and closing positions at the market price of the asset. Thus, the bot does not place orders in advance, but reacts to price changes in real time. The Hash7 bot uses the Infinity Grid strategy, according to which the bot will open positions according to preset price fluctuations when funds are available, while the exchange bot trades according to preset limit orders in the price range. When using this principle of trading, the opening of positions is completed after the exit from the predetermined price range, in which case the bot stops functioning. Because of this, a exchange bot is more limited in terms of functionality of working with the market.

  5. Strategy of work: Exchange bot works on the principle of Martingale, according to this strategy the bot opens a certain number of positions and operates with the average price of purchased assets, because of this it is necessary to wait until the asset exceeds the average purchase price to make a profit. The Hash7 trading bot, on the contrary, works with each position and does not operate with the average price of open positions, but works with each one separately to accrue a percentage of profit. Thanks to this approach, the frequency of transactions in the Hash7 trading bot is higher than in a classic exchange bot.

  6. Changing strategy settings and customization flexibility: The Hash7 trading bot has the ability to change settings in real time. The user can adjust all parameters at any time without stopping trading and the bot itself. This functionality is not available in a classic exchange bot. Furthermore, in the Hash7 trading bot there is an opportunity to choose 7 ready-made grid setting modes adapted to any market conditions: neutral market (passive/aggressive), falling market, growing market, strongly growing market, infinite medium and infinite aggressive. Choosing a strategy oriented to the current market condition allows to achieve the maximum level of profitability.

  7. Ability to trade without specifying a price range: You can customize your trading strategies without defining a fixed price range. This ensures continuous bot operation and flexibility in adapting to any market conditions, maximizing profit potential and minimizing downtime risks.

  8. Ability to trade on several exchanges: The Hash7 bot is cross-exchange, where the user can trade within a single app, allowing you to work on multiple exchanges simultaneously.

  9. Referral Program: The Hash7 trading bot offers a referral program that will allow you to earn passive income from trading referrals as well as from subscription sales. You can read more about the referral program at point 3.1 Qualifications & Conditions.

  10. Future plans: In addition to the main Infinity Grid bot mode, DCA, Futures and AI bots will also be added. A web version of Hash7 will be developed, DAO mechanisms (allowing users to influence the product development vector) and Lend & Borrow service will be introduced.

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