1.3.2 HTX API Binding Tutorial

For security reasons, the API key will be displayed only 1 time. After closing the window, the API will not be available. Make sure to save the key in a safe place.

First you need to download the HTX app or visit the official website of the exchange: https://www.huobi.com/en-us/.

If you are already a registered user, then log in to your existing account on the exchange. If you don't have an account, you'll need to register first.

After successfully logging in or registering, go to the official HTX app and in the upper left corner press on the avatar icon.

Then in the upper right corner press on the settings icon.

In the settings, scroll down and select "Trading Settings".

In this section, scroll down and click on "API Management". Then click on "Create API".

Then, open the Hash7 app. In the upper left corner, click on ''Exchange''.

Choose the HTX exchange.

Copy the IP-addresses.

Go back to the official HTX app to the "Create API" tab and follow the instructions below:

1) In the β€œNote name'' field, name your API-key;

2) In the β€œAccess Settings Settings” field check β€œRead” and β€œTrade”;

3) In the β€œLink IP Address” field enter your copied IP Address;

4) Press the β€œConfirm” button;

Next, the "Authorization" window will appear where you need to:

1) Click on "Send" to receive the confirmation code;

2) A code will be sent to your email address on which you registered your HTX exchange account. Enter the received code in the "Email code" field;

3) After entering the password, click the "Confirm" button;

Upon successful authorization, a "Successfully Created" window will appear with your access key and secret key, which must be copied and pasted into the Hash7 application in the appropriate fields. This information will only be visible once on the HTX website, so securely save your data.

Then reopen the Hash7 app and paste the copied keys into the appropriate fields. To complete the process, click on the "Done" button.

❗️❗️Please note that in order to provide an additional degree of security, after creating an API-key it is necessary to specify in the settings exactly those trading pairs on which trading will be performed❗️❗️

πŸ‘‰ Tutorial on how to add trading assets to whitelist is available here.

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