What should I do if I get the error Insufficient balance. “side”: “BUY”?

📍Solution: This error means insufficient funds on the exchange. If the error is accompanied by the inscription "BUY" - it means that the bot does not have enough USDT to buy the asset. In this case, you need to top up the exchange balance. Make sure that the funds for trading are on the spot account.

If you have funds on the exchange, but the bot still gives this error and activates the "stop buying" slider - it means that your funds are frozen/involved in some order on the exchange. Only in this case they can be visible but at the same time unavailable.

In this case you need to double-check all tabs on the exchange: go to spot, double-check all orders in this tab, and also go to derivatives, margin trading and see if your funds are not used there.

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