❔What happens if the bot will buy and doesn't sell because of a falling market?

If you believe the market will fall, you can do one of the following points:

  1. Turn off pbuyings. The next time the price of the asset rises, the bot will sell the purchased positions. Then you can wait for a convenient entry point, for example, when the price stabilizes at some levels, as flat is an ideal environment for the bot;

  2. You can change the strategy to β€œBear market”, then the bot will trade without stopping, but at the same time stretching your deposit for a large possible drawdown;

  3. You can limit the number of steps to a minimum in order to have a reserve for averaging, and add steps as needed;

You can set a range of asset prices in the bot, when you exit the range, the bot will not buy. This is useful when you clearly understand that the price is moving in a certain range and going beyond it would be dangerous to buy the asset at the highest prices.

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