1.2 Registration & Log in

1.2.1 Registration

When registering, you must first enter your invitation code. If you do not have an invitation code, you can get it by finding a partner in our official Telegram chat: https://t.me/hash7_io

Next, follow the instructions below:

1) When launching the application in the "Mail Address" field, enter your current mail to which you want to register an account;

2) Next, in the "Password" field, come up with a strong password that will be used in the future when logging into the account;

3) After entering the data, click on "Create account";

1.2.2 Log in

1) When launching the app with an already registered account, in the “Email” field enter your email to which you registered your account in the app;

2) In the “Password” field enter your password from the current account;

3) After the entered data press the “Log in” button;

In case you have forgotten your password, press the “Forgot password” button. A section with password recovery will appear, where in the “Email” field you have to enter your address to which you registered your account.

After you enter your mail, a six-digit code will be sent to your email, when if entered correctly, a window with password recovery will open.

In the “Password recovery” window, follow the next instructions:

1) In the ''New password'' field enter your new password;

2) In the “Confirm password” repeat your new password;

3) Press the “Done” button;

After the successfully entered password, try to log in again.

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