❔What should I do if I get the error The requested symbol is not whitelisted?

πŸ“Solution: This error means that you have set up a whitelist on the exchange in the API key settings. When using a whitelist, you need to add every asset you plan to use in the bot. So if you see this error, add the desired asset to the whitelist in the API key settings on the exchange.

πŸ“Ž Instructions for Binance: https://hash7-gitbook.gitbook.io/en/user-guide/1.3-api-binding-tutorial/1.3.1-binance-api-binding-tutorial/binance-whitelist-assets-adding

πŸ“Ž Instructions for Bybit: https://hash7-gitbook.gitbook.io/en/user-guide/1.3-api-binding-tutorial/1.3.3-bybit-api-binding-tutorial

πŸ“Ž Instructions for HTX: https://hash7-gitbook.gitbook.io/en/user-guide/1.3-api-binding-tutorial/1.3.2-htx-api-binding-tutorial/htx-whitelist-assets-adding

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