❔Why is profit in the bot different from profit on the exchange (PnL)?

The profitability indicator in the Hash7 bot may differ from the exchange's profitability indicator (PnL) for several reasons:

The Hash7 trading bot calculates general profit from completed transactions, generating returns from completed trades and does not include the exchange fee charged from the user when a transaction is made. These fee may vary from exchange to exchange. Additionally, on exchanges such as Binance, there is a possibility of fees discount.

Furthermore, exchange profitability takes into account all unrealized losses, unlike the Hash7 bot's profitability calculation, which calculates profit only from completed transactions.

In other words, the exchange calculates the current value of all assets at the moment, forming the profitability indicator. Since your bot is in active mode, there are constantly open trades for tokens whose prices fluctuate.

An example for simplicity: Suppose the bot shows a profit of 10 USDT over a period. The exchange profitability for the same period is 5 USDT relative to the total investment amount. Your bot is active with 2 open positions, and you set the slider to "Stop Buying." During the day, the bot sells all assets when the token reaches the desired price. The overall profit in the bot is now 12 USDT. The exchange account profitability is also very close to 12 USDT (there will always be a slight difference due to exchange fees).

In other words, when stopping and fully unloading positions from the Hash7 bot, the profitability within the bot and on the exchange will be practically identical but never absolutely equal due to exchange fees.

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