What should I do if I get the error Insufficient balance. “side”: “SELL”?

📍Solution: This error means insufficient funds on the exchange. If the error is accompanied by the inscription "SELL" - it means that the bot lacks exactly the asset to sell. In this case, you need to double-check the availability of the asset on the exchange. If there is less asset on the exchange than in the bot, you need to:

Option 1:

  1. Put the strategy on pause;

  2. Sell the rest of the asset on the exchange on the spot. You can do it by a market or limit order with the price recommended by the bot;

  3. Delete or reset the strategy in the bot;

  4. Re-create the strategy if you deleted it.

Option 2:

Buy the asset manually on the exchange (so that the size of the position in the bot and on the exchange coincide);

Click on "Continue".

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