4.1 Infinity Grid bot

πŸ“Š Infinity Grid bot is a trading strategy that sells at a high price and buys at a low price, making it suitable for working in a volatile market.

Once the strategy is set up, the invested amount is divided into many parts. When prices are falling, the bot automatically buys assets by creating a grid of orders. When prices increase, the bot sells assets at the level of each order that is at the specified percentage interval in the grid above the buy level.

➑ The way it works in HASH7: the grid contains the percentage intervals of price change for each step that define the buy and sell triggers. (Note that the buy/sell percentage cannot be less than 1%).

The first position is bought at the market price when the strategy is launched. Next, the bot works according to the set grid using the specified deposit. Subsequent steps work according to the proportion and percentage difference specified in the settings.

The Infinity Grid bot strategy offers endless possibilities for automated trading, making your experience stable and profitable.

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