❔The trigger price for a sale was reached, but the bot did not sell. Why does this happen?

A fill or kill (FOK) order is a conditional, short-term order that must be executed immediately. Otherwise, the order will be canceled.

When the trigger price is reached, the bot instantly sends a FOK order (Fill or Kill) to the exchange, which must be immediately executed or canceled. When sending a request to execute an order, the exchange checks if the order can be immediately executed in full with existing sell or buy orders. If full execution is not possible, the order is canceled in its entirety.

Meaning that when a trigger price arrives in the bot, the bot sends a request to the exchange and sometimes the exchange may cancel the order or may not execute due to lack of liquidity or other factors, such as during market squeezes. However, the bot returns to "waiting for tigger price" mode and again waits for trigger marks to execute the order when the triggers are reached.

It is important to note that the bot does not base its actions on chart analysis, but reacts to the actual transactions taking place on the exchange, namely the prices passing through the exchange, immediately executing buy (bid/green) or sell (ask/red) orders. When executed, the price is fixed at that rate until the next order is executed. Therefore, it is important to consider which price comes into the bot: the current sell price or the current buy price.

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