Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 Terms used:

Account - an account is created through the Application that is used by the User to access the Services and Data;

Agreement - the terms and conditions we have established to form a commercial relationship between HASH7LABS LIMITED and the User, including these terms and conditions, privacy policy and referral program;

API Key - a code that allows the User to directly interact with their accounts on the exchanges, including placing or canceling trade orders, receiving information on account balance and trading activity, which is pre-selected by the User when setting up the API of the relevant exchange;

Application - the application Hash7 (hereinafter referred to as the Hash7) developed and owned by HASH7LABS LIMITED designed to interact with the Exchanges, allows Users to construct various trading rules quickly and easily;

Customer Data - any data about activities on the Exchanges used by the User in the course of providing Services (including trading activity) and provided to the User through the provision of the Services;

Data - includes Open Data, Customer Data and Processed Data;

Exchange - an online trading platform used by the User to buy and sell cryptocurrencies;

Open Data - Data that is freely available to third parties;

Processed Data - Processed Data - Open Data that has been analyzed and processed and made available to the User through the Services in the appropriate form. Processed Data is owned by HASH7LABS LIMITED;

Process - refers to the sale and delivery of an intangible product, called a service, between a producer (HASH7LABS LIMITED) and a consumer (User);

Public Data - market data (prices, transaction information and other data) obtained from exchanges and other public sources;

Services - refers to the sale and delivery of an intangible product between a producer (HASH7LABS LIMITED) and a consumer (User);

User(s) - a natural or legal person who wishes to use the Services, Application or Data;

Website - the website located at https://hash7.io/ and all subdomains of this website operated by HASH7LABS LIMITED.

1.2 These Terms and Conditions establish the legal relationship between HASH7LABS LIMITED, registered under registration code 3279072, and entities wishing to use the Services, Application and Data (hereinafter referred to as the "User").

By visiting the Website at https://hash7.io/, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Referral Program.

Note: All material on the Website is protected by copyright and trademark laws.

1.3 The Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Referral Program (as defined below) set forth the rules governing access to and use of the Services, Application and Data.

1.4 The Privacy Policy is available at https://hash7-gitbook.gitbook.io/en/general-terms-of-use/privacy-policy and is an integral part of the Agreement.

1.5 In utilizing the Application by any means and for any purposes, whether with a client account or without one, from any device and location, you hereby agree and confirm that:

1.5.1 You have familiarized yourself with the Terms and Conditions and undertake to observe all obligations stipulated therein;

1.5.2 You are of legal age and possess full legal capacity;

1.5.3 You are not subject to a jurisdiction that explicitly prohibits the use of such Services, Application and Data;

1.5.4 You employ the Services, Application and Data at your own discretion and assume full responsibility for its utilization.

2. Registration

2.1 The use of the Website and the Application is possible via the link https://hash7.io/;

2.2 In order to place trading orders, the creation of an account is necessary. The creation of an account is accomplished by utilizing a personal email;

2.3 The User is obligated to ensure the security and confidentiality of all login data, including email, password, and username, for accessing the account. The User is required to promptly notify instances of unauthorized use of their account by third parties;

2.4 The User is committed to providing up-to-date information about their account;

2.5 The User may interrupt the registration process at any time and/or resume it later. The User has the right to review entered information for errors and, if necessary, make amendments;

2.5 The User may interrupt the registration process at any time and/or resume it later. The User has the right to review entered information for errors and, if necessary, make amendments;

2.6 In the event of suspicion regarding the provision of inaccurate or unreliable registration information, HASH7LABS LIMITED reserves the right to temporarily suspend the functioning of the account until the issue is resolved.

3. Subscription activation

3.1 Upon successful completion of the registration process, the User is required to activate the subscription for further use of the Services and Application. A description of the activation conditions, as well as the terms of commercial use of the Application, including the amount of the commissions, can be found in the Application and Referral Program;

3.2 The subscription is considered activated as of the date of the corresponding payment procedure. The User acknowledges and confirms that the funds paid during the subscription activation process are non-refundable;

3.3 HASH7LABS LIMITED reserves the right to modify the terms of subscription activation at any time.

4. Distribution policy, leader change, prohibition of poaching to another structure or partner.

4.1 Poaching to another structure (leader/partner change). Any attempted or actual solicitation for collaboration, registration, encouragement, or any direct or indirect influence on other partners with the aim of persuading them to participate in another structure within HASH7LABS LIMITED is prohibited. Such behavior is considered poaching, even if the partner's actions were in response to a request from another leader.

4.2 Prohibition. Leaders of HASH7LABS LIMITED are prohibited from engaging in poaching to another structure and conducting activities aimed at poaching other participants who are part of the current structure of HASH7LABS LIMITED.

4.3 Protective measures. Leaders and their partners agree that poaching to another structure or to another leader/partner constitutes unwarranted and unlawful interference in the relationship between HASH7LABS LIMITED and its partners. Leaders and their partners also agree that any violation of this rule causes immediate and irreparable harm to HASH7LABS LIMITED. Furthermore, leaders and their partners agree to the condition that, in case of a breach of these rules without prior notice to HASH7LABS LIMITED, the accounts of the respective violators will be subject to freezing or blocking with the possibility of fund withdrawal within 30 calendar days.

5. Account termination

5.1 You may delete your Account at any time without giving any reasons via sending a request on our e-mail address hello@hash7.io from the e-mail address under which you are registered in the Application. Prior to deleting your Account, you need to disconnect any linked exchanges and close any open trades or bots. In case of termination, your Account will be closed within seven (7) days provided that:

  1. Any disputes in which you have been involved have been satisfactorily resolved;

  2. You have completed any other obligation(s) associated with your use of the Software (i.e. you have disconnected any linked exchanges and closed any open trades or bots).

Within those seven (7) days you may choose to reactivate your Account by sending a request on our e-mail address hello@hash7.io from the e-mail address under which you are registered in the Application.

5.2 Hash7 may delete your Account by giving you seven (7) days prior notice by notifying you in the Software or through your e-mail address. Your Account will be deleted at the end of the seventh (7) day in which the prior notice period expires. In case of violation of the Terms of Use, Hash7 may immediately delete your Account without prior notice.

5.3 Regardless of the party initiating the termination, the termination of the Account will mean that:

  1. Concurrently with the termination of the Account, also the Purchase Agreement (if relevant) will be terminated and thus your access to the Software and products and services made available in connection therewith is revoked;

  2. You are prohibited from any further use of the Software;

  3. Any and all data and information residing in your Account or pertaining to activity from your account will be irretrievably deleted, except to the extent that we are obligated or permitted to retain such content, data or information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

You agree that all such measures will be carried out by Hash7 and that Hash7 will not make itself liable to you or any third parties as a result of any such measure for any reason, to the extent this is permitted by applicable law.

6. Beta Testing

6.1 In certain cases, HASH7LABS LIMITED may provide Users with the opportunity to access the Beta version of its product. Introducing a product in Beta testing mode is necessary for integrating new functionality into the Website and/or Application;

6.2 Due to the fact that the Beta product is in a testing phase, it may contain errors. HASH7LABS LIMITED shall not be liable for any kind of damage arising from the use of the Beta product;

6.3 You acknowledge and agree that HASH7LABS LIMITED may modify the functionality, testing, and/or usage of the Beta product at any time at its discretion;

6.4 Users are entitled to provide any comments and/or suggestions, report any issues or problems encountered while using the Beta product. Such ideas and/or recommendations may be used by HASH7LABS LIMITED to implement updates, additions, and/or removal of functionality in the Beta product;

6.5 The usage of the Beta product and/or providing feedback about the Beta product is done on a voluntary basis and should not be construed as creating employment or other legal relationships.

7. Notifications

7.1 The User agrees to receive any notifications in electronic form to the email address provided during the registration process. Notifications sent via email and posted on the website are considered valid from the moment of dispatch or posting.

8. Complaints

8.1 HASH7LABS LIMITED makes every effort to provide the User with the most favorable and optimal service. In case of any complaints, suggestions, or the need for additional support, the User has the right to contact us at the email address provided on the Website (hello@hash7.io). Upon contacting us, the User is obligated to provide their contact information and a clear description of the issue at hand. Our support service undertakes to review the matter presented by the User within 48 hours;

8.2 Disputes, discussions, disputes, or claims between the User and HASH7LABS LIMITED regarding the use of the Application or the consumption of the Services and Data shall be submitted to the Hong Kong Court for consideration and final resolution. The law of Hong Kong applies.

9. Risk Warning

9.1 The User acknowledges that the use of HASH7LABS LIMITED Services and Application implies their awareness of the risks associated with the volatility of cryptocurrency market prices, as well as potential losses in trading or holding crypto assets. The User guarantees that they will invest only those funds that they can afford to lose;

9.2 The User also guarantees that they are informed about other potential risks associated with cryptocurrency trading. The User assures that they always bear responsibility for the careful assessment of all risks and possess a sufficient level of knowledge, financial capability, and risk tolerance to use our Services and participate in the volatile cryptocurrency market;

9.3 The User realizes that the Services provided by platforms for trading digital currencies, such as Binance, Bybit, BingX, HTX and others, involve a high level of risk, and therefore, they should exercise caution when trading assets;

It's important to note that losses and/or risks encountered by Users on cryptocurrency trading platforms like Binance, Bybit, BingX, HTX and others are unrelated to HASH7LABS LIMITED.

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