1.3 API Binding Tutorial

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1.3.1 Binance API Binding Tutorial;

Binance: whitelist assets adding

1.3.2 HTX API Binding Tutorial;

HTX: whitelist assets adding

1.3.3 Bybit API Binding Tutorial;

Bybit: whitelist assets adding

1.3.4 BingX API Binding Tutorial

When using automated trading bots, it is necessary to bind the bot to the user's API-keys on certain exchanges to be traded. This will allow the bot to access the user's trading account and execute trades automatically. It is important to carefully study the security measures and permissions related to the API-keys binding on each exchange in order to protect the user's funds and personal information. It is also important to closely monitor the bot's performance and adjust settings as needed to make sure it is working effectively and in line with the user's investment objectives and risk tolerance.

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