2.1.3 Balance top up via HTX

  1. Open the Hash7 app, open the “More” section and tap on “Account Balance”;

  1. Press on "Top up";

  1. Copy the wallet address by clicking on the icon;

  1. Next, open the HTX exchange app and go to the “Assets” section. In this section, click on “Withdraw”;

  1. Select USDT;

  1. Then press on "Blockchain Address";

  1. Make sure you have a TRC20 network selected;

  1. In the “Address” field, paste the copied address to transfer funds to the Hash7 app;

  1. In the “Withdrawal Amount” field, enter the desired amount to be transferred to your Hash7 balance and click on “Withdraw”;

  1. Double-check the data entered and check the box to confirm that you understand the risks. Then click on “Confirm”.

Pay special attention to the network as if the transfer is not done through the TRC20 network, it will result in irretrievable loss of the asset;

  1. To complete the process, complete the authorization and click on “Confirm”.

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