2.4 ''Pro'' strategy settings

To launch the strategy in ''Pro'' mode, you need to:

  1. In the ''Portfolio'' section you need to press on a plus at the upper right corner;

  2. Choose ''Set up manually'';

  3. Choose a trading pair for your future activity.

Setting up the ''Pro'' strategy gives you the opportunity to specify the following parameters yourself:

1) Position amount - the amount of a single purchase of an asset;

2) Grid configuration;

3) Price configuration - the values within which the selected asset is traded in the market. This range includes the minimum and maximum price at which the position will be bought or sold. Going beyond these limits, the bot will sell the available asset, but will not make purchases.

In the "Grid Configuration" section, click on the icon in the upper right corner to enter desired grid adjustments.

For each purchase, you can specify the percentage decrease in value at which the bot will buy the asset (buy), as well as the percentage increase in value to sell the asset (sell) and the minimum position value (position amount).

To save the settings, click on ''Save'' in the upper right corner.

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