1.7 Installation of the Hash7 app via TestFlight (iOS/test mode)

If you are using the iOS operating system, the first step to install Hash7 in test mode is to download the TestFlight app. You can download the TestFlight app directly from this link by pressing on the button in Step 1 "View in App Store":


You will be taken to the App Store. Here you need to install the TestFlight application.

Once the TestFlight app is downloaded to your device you need to re-open the link https://testflight.apple.com/join/yZg3crZM and proceed to Step 2 by pressing on the "Start Testing" button.

Next, the Hash7 application will open inside the TestFlight application. At this point, you need to click on the "Open" button. After that, the Hash7 app will automatically be displayed on the home screen of your device.


It is not needed to enter any codes in the TestFlight app.

If you see a window in the TestFlight app asking for an invitation code, click on "Cancel". After that, follow this link again by clicking on Step 2: https://testflight.apple.com/join/yZg3crZM

❗️If you have encountered any difficulties while installing Hash7 application, write to us in the technical support chat and we will be glad to help you in resolving the situation.

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